Do I Need Dental Implants?

People don’t “need” teeth to live. However, beautiful, long-lasting, worry-free teeth make life much more enjoyable. Imagine smiling and eating with confidence! No more self-conscious smiles in family pictures due to missing teeth. No more eating on “your good side”, you know, the side with no dental problems. Imagine, no more ill-fitting dentures! Click the link below to see the answers to more questions like this and ask your own question!

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The fee for tooth replacement with dental implants depends on several factors, including the number of teeth being replaced and the number of dental implants required to support your replacement teeth. Some additional procedures may be required prior to the placement of your dental implants to ensure the long-term health of your dental implants. Click the link below for a full breakdown of dental implant costs!

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What Should I Look for in an Implant Dentist?

Advances in technology and techniques have significantly improved the patient’s dental implant experience. Computer-guided surgery and laser dentistry allow many procedures to be completed in one day with NO cutting of the gums! Does your dentist have the proper equipment? Is your dentist following proper sterilization protocol?. Click the link below to find out what questions you should ask the dentist before getting implants!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

We get asked a LOT of questions about dental implants so we will tackle each question one by one and respond in a way that we hope everyone can understand. Please visit the "Ask the Experts a Question" page to see some recent questions or go to the "Contact Us" page and send us your questions about dental implants, the procedure or the dental implant costs and we will get an answer for you! You can also visit our Facebook Page for more information as well.